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Drug Addict Uses Own Face As Fishing Bait


Anglers fishing off west pier, South Beach, Blyth, Northumbria were horrified to watch a man slice off strips of his own face and use them as fishing bait. A local angler said “This guy turns up and realises he’s forgot his fishing bait. Next thing you know he pulls out a knife and cuts off a small stip of skin, puts it on his hook and casts out. He didn’t seem to be in any pain so we assumed he must be on something and decided to leave him alone”.One angler who was brave enough to approach the man told us “He told me he got the idea from the old practise of using bacon rind for fishing bait. Within 10 minutes of his first cast he hauled up a 1lb whiting, several others followed including a 7lb cod. It was amazing nobody else was catching anything yet he was pulling them out like there was no tomorrow”. Sadly for the unnamed angler there was no tomorrow as he passed out and died though loss of blood.

Blyth has long suffered from its drug problem and the council is worried that copycat drug addicts will follow. The use of human flesh has since been banned from local fishing competitions for legal reasons.

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  1. BERT, June 16, 2010:


  2. HITman, June 16, 2010:

    the habit they have is sicker.

  3. investigator, August 16, 2010:

    does any one know what types of drugs he was onn

  4. JayPee, August 18, 2010:

    The only drug that would make you do such a thing is PCP, Sherums, or Illy. All of witch are strains of PCP. This story is defiantly not the real one behind the picture. When on mind altering drugs you cant formulate correct sentences, let alone drive or cast a fishing pole (lol). But there are stories about people on PCP killing and eating human beings because it was what they had to do at the time.(rapper young lurch) This bogus story has no citation!

  5. james, September 1, 2010:

    is that writing realy true?
    can’t bellieve it.
    how can a man cut his own facial skin however strongly addicted he is?

  6. mike, September 14, 2010:

    i think if he was just cutting off peices of his skin his entire face wouldnt be gone

  7. mez, October 14, 2010:

    JAYPEE you are a f****** idiot

  8. Emelio, November 2, 2010:

    looks deliciouse

  9. Mason Verger, November 22, 2010:


    “Hannibal”, anyone?

  10. lol, November 26, 2010:

    I’v seen this pic prob 5 years ago. The story i heard is that he was cutting his own face off and eating it. So many stories about this…its prob fake.

    in otherwords…


  11. algore, December 8, 2010:

    probably PCP or something

  12. random, January 11, 2011:

    Drugs are safe really get a life and get of the computer

  13. francoise, January 23, 2011:

    wew, so scary, ill make sure that my siblings will never try drugs

  14. HITman, January 23, 2011:

    any form of narcotics and addictive stuff should be forbidden.

  15. alterax, January 5, 2012:

    Yeah, start by prohibiting alcohol and let’s see how fast organized crime takes it over - again. ‘Cause alcohol is an addictive narcotic. Ask any honest MD and he’ll tell you that it kills more users (let alone family members of and pedestrians) then cannabis. Or, shut this ridiculous site down and get a life.

  16. Ronnie Taylor, January 7, 2014:

    If this isn’t enough to make a person who has an addiction to think twice…then NOTHING will!!!!!!!

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